What’s going on with Bitongo and Soctics

I was shocked when I realized the last blog post we published here is more than a year old. Time does fly when you are busy! We are alive and well, in case you were wondering. We’ve decided last year to balance client work and own product development. It’s a precarious balancing act at times but it seems to be working out very well so far for us.

We create all kinds of mobile and web apps for clients; we are not talking about games here but business / utility apps. As clients usually want a ‘mobile’ app and not an iOS app anymore, we decided to go cross platform with Xamarin. It’s a great choice as it gives you the ability to still publish native apps on different devices instead of dealing with HTML5-based ‘solutions’.

We are also creating our new game in Unity which means finally we are going cross-platform with games as well! Stay tuned for that, it’s coming soon!

So many of you have been asking about the Android version of Soctics.. believe me, nothing would make me happier than having it already available. We’ve started the porting actually a long time ago but for various reasons we are always hitting one wall or another..

However, we haven’t given up on bringing Soctics to the world outside iOS. We’ll port it with Unity and hopefully still this year a significantly bigger audience can enjoy our competitive turn based football game :)

After the Unity port is complete, we’ll be able to introduce some new stuff in Soctics but it will have to wait for now. Mostly we are talking about some iterative changes and probably some cosmetics, nothing that would re-shape the game. We are pretty satisfied with how the game feels at the moment.

That’s it folks!

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