App Store Market Size, Top100 Big Country Numbers

After a long break in blogging, it’s time to come back with a bang! We have just passed the 1 million mark in Soctics downloads recently and I wanted to share some interesting download data with everyone. We have run 2 promotional campaigns with the great guys at AppGratis. Without them, this amazing result wouldn’t have been possible.

We follow a classic App Store model with Soctics: we offer a separate free and a paid version.  Our most recent promotion with AppGratis had an amazing effect on our numbers. On the day of the promotion with them, they generated more than 450.000 downloads for us. It’s a mindblowing number! We made the paid version free during the promotion and climbed to the top charts easily in many countries. I’ve collected the best spots we gained on the free charts according to AppAnnie during the promotion day.

country downloads games overall
USA 109,684 4 8
Germany 57,844 1 1
Brazil 53,046 1 1
UK 45,807 3 3
Italy 40,354 2 3
Spain 30,576 1 1
Mexico 22,643 2 3
Japan 14,989 19 37
Switzerland 9,304 2 2

The chart above gives some good ideas about comparative market sizes for the free apps. Look at the US market where we barely entered the top 10 overall apps with 110k downloads while about 50k is enough to come out as the overall top app in any other market.

After we switched Soctics back to paid, we managed to climb the paid charts a decent extent given our huge momentum.

paid grossing revenue
country downloads games overall games overall
USA 242 140 310 499 802 601.975
Germany 115 50 93 118 176 286.0625
UK 109 79 156 257 381 271.1375
Italy 50 46 92 131 212 124.375
Brazil 42 25 61 102 162 104.475
Switzerland 25 71 135 189 310 62.1875
Spain 20 25 73 118 209 49.75
Mexico 19 119 244 398 744 47.2625
Japan 11 399 27.3625

Revenue numbers are estimates here but good enough for presentation purposes. The app’s price is $1.99 and the offered IAPs have been bringing about 25% of our total revenue on top of that. Combining this with the download numbers we see close estimates for each country, showing revenue levels required to climb the top grossing charts. There’s a significant difference between the paid and the grossing positions, this is of course just another evidence how strong IAP revenue is today in the App Store economy.

Again, the massive size difference between the US and anything else is trivial based on these numbers. Another surprise was the bad shape the Spanish market seems to be in. Given the fact that we are talking about a country with nearly 50 million people, I really expected a stronger app economy there.

I hope you find these results informative in case you were wondering what it meant to be on the top of the charts in these countries.

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