This fun game brings you the world of Numbaz you have not seen on your iPhone / iPod Touch! You have to create patterns that match the target picture. How challenging is this?

Check our gameplay video and you will see!

As you advance through the levels, you can earn Experience Points and Credits for your Bitongo account. You can use your credits to open new levels or change your tileset. If you don’t want to spend your credits in-game, you can use them in other Bitongo applications as well. Also, if you collect credits in our other games, you can use those credits in Numbaz as well!

Try the free version now!


  • unique puzzle game to work your brain
  • more than 100 levels available
  • extra tilesets available
  • cool sounds and background music
  • online hiscores and statistics
  • Credits can be used in most other Bitongo apps to access extra content
  • compare your results online with your friends