Fontify App Icon“Happiness is an expression of the soul in considered actions” – Aristotle

Fontify is a gateway to self-expression with a unique twist. If you think a picture is worth a thousand words, you will be amazed at what a few characters could be worth! Our app is a sketching tool with fonts. With a couple of carefully chosen and well positioned letters you can create captivating sketches, expressing emotions and engaging your audience.

Fontify is designed to let you share your sketches online via an online gallery and via popular social networks. The gallery is also the perfect place to inspire other users and get inspired yourself. Whenever you find a sketch you like, you can immediately re-sketch it, creating a special evolution of the picture which turns Fontify into a great collaboration experience.

Let your creativity go and design sketches worth to be framed in your home or giving away as remarkable gifts.

The online gallery is also accessible via where you can already see the power of imagination of our early users at work.

Visit the Fontify website for more info!


  • an easy to use tool to create font sketches
  • 18 fonts included
  • online gallery for viewing, re-sketching and sharing
  • social network integration for distributing sketches to your friends
  • to browse and re-sketch inspiring sketches

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