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What’s going on with Bitongo and Soctics

I was shocked when I realized the last blog post we published here is more than a year old. Time does fly when you are busy! We are alive and well, in case you were wondering. We’ve decided last year … Continue reading

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How We Used UIWebView along with LaunchRock to Engage Mobile Users

This is another guest post by Ferenc, about how LaunchRock was modified to show up nicely on a UIWebView. If you’ve ever wanted built a landing page or had the need for one, you’ve provably heard of┬áLaunchRock. If not, have … Continue reading

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Extreme App Makeover: The Evolution of Soctics

We originally debuted Soccer Tactics in 2009 on the App Store and a year later we introduced online multiplayer in it. Our users really liked the game but we felt there was so much more in the game we haven’t … Continue reading

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Competitive Mobile Gaming

I believe that smartphones and FB are the primary catalysts for casual games becoming truly mainstream. However, these games are usually frown upon by hardcore gamers who prefer skill-based, competitive games. Quake, Counter Strike, Starcraft are all great examples of … Continue reading

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Building Games vs Building Engines (aka. Engineeritis)

Recently I have been thinking more and more about the question: what am I really doing when I’m writing code? Sure, we have been developing iOS games since 2008 so the answer seems straightforward, but if I stop and take … Continue reading

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