Fontify Sketch of the Week

Getting low on battery? Hopefully everyone can recharge a bit during the Christmas break :) For more great sketches, have a look at our Fontify online gallery.

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Fontify Sketch of the Week

What else should we say? Our Fontify users are amazing :)

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How We Used UIWebView along with LaunchRock to Engage Mobile Users

This is another guest post by Ferenc, about how LaunchRock was modified to show up nicely on a UIWebView.

If you’ve ever wanted built a landing page or had the need for one, you’ve provably heard of LaunchRock. If not, have a quick look. LaunchRock makes an extremely good job at making it super easy to build a landing page. No HTML knowledge is needed. Among many features, the page lets your future customers share about your idea / app / future venture on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This is a great way to collect emails of possible futures customers as well as starting to build up the buzz about it.

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Our Customer Communication Tools

This is a guest post by Ferenc, the other co-founder of Bitongo.

In this article, I’ll briefly talk about the tools we built and use to communicate with our customers.

Having worked a little on support (among many things) in a multinational company, it felt natural to ship our products so that we can communicate with our players.  In the early days, it was only two features we did tho: Continue reading

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A/B testing mobile ad providers part I.

When it comes to monetizing apps through ad providers, a developer has a plethora of choices in 2012. Banner ads, interstitial ads, video ads, app cross promotions, etc. Each provider claims to be the best, but how do they perform in real life? Read on for our latest tests.

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